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Harrow Equipment/Apparel Orders

We are excited to announce that the National Field Hockey League has partnered with Harrow Sports – our preferred equipment supplier! All NFHL teams are encouraged to purchase their personal and team equipment, uniforms and apparel through Harrow – as a NFHL team (full or honorary), you receive the following discounts for your purchases:

Official NFHL teams receive 20% off EVERYTHING (including individual orders)
Teams also receive 45% off team apparel orders if placed directly with: Alli Tanner

Alli (Tanner) Van Schaack
(717) 682.5832 |

Grant Application

For Fall 2019, applications will be due August 15th, 2019 and the recipients will be announced by August 20th. If your team would like to apply for one of these grants, please complete the application by clicking the button below. All required and grant-specific questions must be completed. Essay responses must be a minimum of 400 words and a maximum of 1000 words. Note: Harrow is no longer awarding gift card grants.

Deadline to apply is August 15th

Harrow Sports supports current NFHL teams (full or honorary) who are in need of specific equipment/supplies (see below). These need-based grants will be awarded on an annual basis.

Current grants include:

      • $100 NFHL Honorary membership waiver
      • $300 NFHL Full membership waiver
      • Harrow Uniform Grant (2 jerseys & 1 skirt per player with printing)

Past Grant Recipients

Uniform Grant – 2 Jerseys & 1 Skirt per player with printing

  • 2019 WINNER: United States Naval Academy
  • 2018 WINNER: Liberty University
  • 2017 WINNER: Clemson University
  • 2016 WINNER: University of New Haven
  • 2015 WINNER: La Salle College
  • 2014 WINNER: UMASS Amherst
  • 2013 WINNER: Saint Anselm University

$300 NFHL Full Membership Waiver

  • 2019 WINNERS: Bloomsburg University, University of Georgia
  • 2018 WINNERS: UMASS Lowell, West Chester University

$100 NFHL Honorary Membership Waiver

  • 2019 WINNERS: Duquesne University, University of Connecticut
  • 2018 WINNER: Providence College

$500 Harrow Gift Card
(no longer awarded)

  • 2018 WINNERS: Saint Joseph’s University, Wake Forest University
  • 2017 WINNERS: Montclair University, University of North Carolina Charlotte

$250 Harrow Gift Card
(no longer awarded)

  • 2018 WINNERS: University of Georgia, Penn State University
  • 2017 WINNERS: West Chester University, Philadelphia University

Goalie Equipment Grant – Leg Guards, Kickers, Stick & Jersey
(no longer awarded)

  • 2016 WINNER: United States Naval Academy
  • 2015 WINNER: Xavier University
  • 2014 WINNER: Sacred Heart University
  • 2013 WINNER: Elon University

Practice Package Grant – T-shirt, Shorts, and Reversible per player with printing
(no longer awarded)

  • 2016 WINNER: Coastal Carolina University
  • 2015 WINNER: University of Oklahoma
  • 2014 WINNER: University of Tampa
  • 2013 WINNER: Rowan University