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The National Field Hockey League (NFHL) was established on August 10, 1997 for the purpose of quality competition among established college club teams. The league follows NCAA Rules with exception of the NFHL specific rules by which league members vote upon annually. Please click here for all FIH, NCAA, and NFHL rules.


The name of the league will be the National Field Hockey League. It will be referred to as the “NFHL”.
Purpose The NFHL is formed to work with the various club field hockey teams within the league, in such as a manner that individual clubs may better their existence. To stabilize the foundation and assist in the further growth and recognition of the league, as well as the sport of field hockey.


  • The NFHL consists of collegiate club field hockey teams in the United States of America.
  • League member selection is based upon the following:
    • The club field hockey team is fully recognized by its respective university or institution.
      Representatives of interested teams are informed of all NFHL meetings and events.
    • A completed registration form is completed on the NFHL website by team representatives and dues are paid by the deadline.
    • Teams and representatives are responsible for maintaining proper conduct in accordance to the rules of the league. Representatives are also required to attend annual NFHL meetings.

Governing Structure

  • The Executive Officers shall consist of two co-oordinators.
  • Voting powers shall be divided in a manner so that the league as a whole benefits – not individual club teams.
  • Each club team will be represented on the NFHL by the club president or his/her designee.
    • Position Description of Executive Officers:
    • Operations co-coordinator: represents the NFHL, presides over all official NFHL meetings, coordinate tournaments and schedules officials for the Final Four weekend.
    • Administrative co-coordinator: represents the NFHL, presides over all official NFHL meetings, manage funds generated and debts incurred by the league, maintains the NFHL official website.


  • A 51% majority of the Executive Officers and a majority of the NFHL member clubs may amend the this document and the NFHL rules.
  • Each amendment presented will be voted on at the annual mandatory league meeting.
  • Any member of the NFHL may propose an amendment.

Anti-Discrimination Statement
Membership may not be denied because of race, color, age, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. In addition, players will not be excluded based on skill level or participation in other competitive leagues or associations. Eligibility of coaches and students (e.g. exchange students, graduate students, etc.) to participate on their school’s team in the NFHL is determined by their school’s rules and not by the NFHL.